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Poolside Opening Week: Art Day

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Welcome to the third day of the Poolside Opening Week, where we dive deep into the world of NFTs and Art!

The day promises to be an immersive experience for art lovers, NFT enthusiasts, and those curious about the intersection between art and blockchain technology.

Here is a breakdown of the day's agenda:

Starting at 5:00 PM, join us for a Poolside Podcast Session where our host, Cate, will have an exciting conversation with Pauline Foessel, and founder of Artpool and initiator with Poolside of 100 Collectors. They will delve into the launch of the 100 Collectors community and discuss the power of blockchain in the art world.

At 6:00 PM, we have an engaging Poolside Talk lined up for you. This session titled "The Challenges of being a Web3 Artist in the Web2 World" features artists, gallerists, and collectors. Together, they will explore the obstacles that Web3 artists face in the current Web2 landscape and the potential for NFTs to democratize the art industry.

And that's not all! Following the talk, and until 9:00 PM, get ready to head to the Art Terrace for a Happy Hour sponsored by Bombay Saphire, where you can unwind, mingle, and immerse yourself in the world of art. The artist Denys Boldyriev will in exclusivity work on a live performance. The terrace will be totally dedicated to art, with some exciting surprises, drinks, and a DJ to set the mood.

So get ready for an incredible day filled with creative insights and fantastic vibes. See you at the Poolside Hub!