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ReFi Morning — Breakfast, Yoga & Co-working | ReFi Lisboa at Poolside Opening Week

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​ReFi Day at Poolside | April 11th

ReFi Day at Poolside is a day-long event hosted by ReFi Lisbon, impactMarket, and friends on April 11th from 08.30 to 23.59. It’s an immersive tour through the story of regeneration as we redesign our value systems to take care of people and the planet finally.

The Morning Session promises to be a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The session will start at 8.30 am with a curated breakfast and coffee provided by the partner restaurant Cobaia.

After that, attendees will participate in a rejuvenating yoga, breathwork, and meditation session to release stress, improve mental clarity, and prepare their minds and bodies for the day ahead.

Morning Session:

  • 08.30 – 09.00 | Gm Regen! Coffee, tea & juices

  • 09.00 – 10.30 | Yoga, breathwork & meditation

  • 10.30-13.00 | Breakfast, Co-working & networking


The challenge of ReFi

​As we all know, web3 provides some of the most powerful coordination tools that we have ever seen. But so far, it hasn’t positively impacted the lives of a vast majority of people around the world.

​We stand here today with over 8B people on earth and some pretty alarming statistics about our society as a whole:

  • ​10% of people live in extreme poverty

  • ​1.7B of people don’t have access to financial services

  • ​25% of people don’t have access to clean water

​Despite all the developments in technology, education, transportation, and manufacturing—we have not only failed to meet the basic needs of many people around the planet, but we’ve also exhausted many of our core natural resources in the process—with carbon dioxide emissions a primary bi-product of almost every economic activity on earth. As a result, we have:

  • ​Reached 419ppm CO2e, pushing us toward the edge of catastrophic climate collapse

  • ​Degraded 75% of land surface globally

  • ​Lost 69% of earth’s biodiversity over the last 40 years

  • ​Fully exploited 90% of marine stocks have been

​Underlying all of these challenges is a stark realization: The story that got us here is no longer serving our needs.

​The story of separation

​The residing story fueling our colonial capitalist system is rooted in an underlying belief that we are separate from each other and the earth.

​The colonial mindset, capitalist economy, consumer culture and derisive political system emerges from this story.

​We need to design a new story to enable us to thrive for generations to come…

​The story of regeneration

​The human story that will enable us to reach the Paris targets is the story of regeneration. It is a story that beings with a core belief:

We are not separate from each other or from the earth. We are at the same time an individual and a whole.

​The regenerative economy, gift culture, and just political system emerge from this story.

​This story and the resulting system provide the foundation for our organization.

​The opportunity of ReFi

​We have all the tools that we need to accurately value what matters for human and planetary health.

​We have all the capital ready to be deployed.

​The time is now, and the challenge is how to create systems of trust to flow value towards the areas that have the biggest impact.

​ReFi, short for Regenerative Finance, provides a cultural framework and a set of tools for how to redesign our economic systems to take care of both people and the planet for generations to come.

​Join us at ReFi Day!

​ReFi Day at Poolside is a unique opportunity to learn about these tools and explore how to apply them in our own lives. It is also an opportunity to build relationships and community around the idea of regeneration. We'll have presentations from leading entrepreneurs, investors, and builders in the space, as well as interactive workshops, web3 activation stations, and more.

​At ReFi Day, we'll explore the power of regenerative finance to create a more equitable, sustainable, and just world.

​Join us on April 11th to learn how to use the tools of regeneration to build a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come.