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ReFi Lunch | ReFi Lisboa at Poolside Opening Week

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​ReFi Day at Poolside | April 11th

​ReFi Day at Poolside is a day-long event hosted by ReFi Lisbon, impactMarket, and friends on April 11th from 08.30 to 23.59. It’s an immersive tour through the story of regeneration as we redesign our value systems to take care of people and the planet finally.

Special Lunch @ Cobaia:

We've prepared an exclusive special lunch for ReFi Day at the Poolside Hub, that will take place at our partner restaurant Cobaia, and we have a special guest to be announced soon.

The lunch will start at 13:00 and will be an opportunity for attendees to network and connect with other like-minded individuals while enjoying a delicious meal.

So be sure to join us for this exciting tour as we celebrate ReFi Day at Poolside and support the local community.

Please note that places are very limited for the lunch, and attendees need to register to secure their spots.

To access the lunch, attendees will need to show their registration ticket, which will be sent after they complete the registration process. This process will ensure that the lunch is only accessible to those who have registered for the event.

So, be sure to register now to secure your spot and make the most of this unique opportunity.