Yolanda Gibb: How a mindset of Ambidextrous Creativity can get you generating AND exploiting your ideas?



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What you'll learn in this session:

  • Nick and Yolanda discuss Yolanda’s PKM approach with her multidisciplinary work.

​About Yolanda

Yolanda Gibb works with teams and organisations around the world on projects related to entrepreneurship, inclusion, institutional capacity building, policy, among others. Pulling together strands of knowledge from different disciplines to obtain new insights and address problems has always been part of what she does. Building her PKM using some of the principles of LYT and Obsidian have enabled her to re-think her approach to knowledge development and make it better along the way.

About the Linking Your Thinking Conference

The "Linking Your Thinking" Conference is a week of free sessions that explores how ideas work, how ideas grow, and how linking ideas may impact our creativity in practical and powerful ways.

13 live sessions on topics such as creativity, ideation, next-gen thinking tools, the frontiers of extended cognition, the joys and importance of culture, note-making, zettelkasten, crafting time, and much more.

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