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Making a Poetic Web(site)

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UPDATE 9/21: The event will now take place 10/6 at 8:30PM Philippine Time. If you are based in the US, we'll be hosting a second edition with more US-friendly hours on 10/6, 5:00PM Pacific Time or 8:00PM ET that you can find here: Feel free to reregister in that session if the time works better for you live. (Please don't send another donation if you already have!)

Thanks for all your patience as I moved across the country. ~ Excited to see you all soon!

Could we reimagine the internet as a space for creativity, care, and poetry? How can we create spaces and websites that are focused on expression, storytelling, and poetic purposes?

Almost all the websites we visit are commercial, utilitarian, and overwhelming. The ‘spaces’ we have for ourselves on the internet aren’t entirely ours. We connect with our loved ones, signal our lives, and consume on networks and platforms that capitalize on our attention and market to us rather than truly serve us. Let’s take a step back from this place and be a part of reclaiming a web as a space for expression, love, and storytelling.

Join us in learning how to conceptualize, code, and publish your own piece of the handmade web. We’ll go through the resources and processes to make your own poetic website; resources will be shared along with starting frameworks you can use. The workshop is beginner-friendly and moreso intended for a non-technical audience interested in exploring the artistic, poetic potential of the web.

All you need is your browser and preferably, a Github or Glitch account to get started. Register early to receive more information and resources in advance of the workshop.

About Chia

Chia (they/them) is a creative technologist and designer interested in the radical potential of the web, words, and worlding. They are a designer at Figma, previously at Spotify, Kumu, & various other startups and agencies. For over a decade, they've been making tiny spaces on the web — teaching friends & strangers alike about how to create things and share them for each other or for the world, such as in their work with leading Developh. Find them at,, and @hotemogf.

This is part I of a series of talks that Chia will be conducting for Developh from September through October. Follow us for more.

Take a peek at some 'single-purpose' websites they've built:,,

About Developh

Developh was founded in 2016 by a group of high school students in Manila, Philippines interested in making things together and teaching each other what they knew about technology and design. Now, it is a critical technology institute focused on an intersectional, liberatory approach to technology: reclaming technology as a tool for liberation rather than oppression.

We presently focus on educational programs (talks, modules), releases of independent & collaborative initiatives (from cassette archives, internship recruiting help, art festivals), supporting community-oriented research initiatives on Filipino computing and design, and publishing.

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