Cover Image for Podcast Cover Art Redesign with Khe Hy

Podcast Cover Art Redesign with Khe Hy

Hosted by Nate Kadlac & Khe Hy
Past Event
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Podcast art punches above its weight.

Despite being a perfect square, this visual becomes cemented in your brain.

Your audience forms a connection with the art. It becomes a key part of your brand.

And Khe Hy admittedly screwed it up.

He threw something together in Canva and it looked like it was created by a 9 year old.

(Heck, it even had Arial as one of the fonts.)

Khe came to Nate with a cry for help. And an opportunity.

He was going to rebrand his podcast and had a new chance to make a lasting impression.

Learn how to brainstorm and design beautiful and effective podcast cover art with Nate Kadlac and Khe Hy.

​We'll go over the design process, and how to choose colors, fonts, and imagery to create something you love.

​We think you'll learn a lot about podcasts and design. Join us live because there won't be a recording available afterward.