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Monthly Planning



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Event Information

Join us every fourth Monday to review the last month and plan for the month ahead.

We'll use a simple review and preview process to help you:

  • reflect on what's going well and what needs to change

  • prepare for any challenges or obstacles

  • identify how you will get stuff done and move towards your goals

Feedback from participants

"This is probably the most important online session I attend each month. It makes me take time to reflect on the previous month's commitments and actual achievements and is super useful."
- Lynda

"Really helpful format, so good to have some focused time, thank you Emma."
- Megan

"Having dedicated blocks of time in my calendar with an actual meeting to join helps enforce some form of planning and the prompts are really help too..."
- Aaron

"It was a new approach for me, very structured. I feel it is something I would like to start doing at the beginning of the year so I am looking forward to January!"
- Alena

More support for getting things done

This free event is part of the Leapers Accountability Pod, a group of freelancers that meets weekly to help each other get stuff done.

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