Leapers Accountability Pods - Open Week



This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

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Have you been wondering what Leapers Pods are all about? Want to dip your toe in the water and give it a try before jumping in with both feet? Now's your chance...

In the last week of March we're hosting an open week to share with you a week-in-the-life of a Pod.

On the Pod you'll be part of a small cohort of people supporting each other to focus on getting their work done, sharing your intentions, worries, wins and reflections, along with an optional coworking session.

🧡 Here's what some participants in the first Leapers Pods said about their experience:

I thoroughly enjoyed the October Pods sessions - I managed to complete the 'important' work that I'd been putting off for months, instead of just working on the 'urgent' stuff. It was also a fun group and we shared a lot of honest ups and downs together.

Starting the week with goals allows me to be intentional rather than reactive in my work routines. Being able to compare and share tricks, techniques and processes have been very helpful to organize myself as well. But the main benefit for me has been the sense of community, Leapers is already a great place to be but these smaller pods allow for a lot more openness, vulnerability and connection, and I feel like I'm surrounded by people who truly understand what I'm going through.

Below are some more details on exactly how the Pod open week will work.


The Pod's two main sessions bookmark the week:

  • Monday - Join the group to set your intentions for the week

  • Friday - Join the group to review your week and share any highs or lows

As well as our regular Wednesday co-working session, we're adding a couple more optional extras:

  • Tuesday - Join a casual coffee chat hosted by Ece to get to know your fellow Leapers

  • Wednesday - Join our optional co-working session

  • Thursday - Join Emma's "Plan with me" session to set your intentions for April

We'll add you to the Pod's private Slack channel where we'll post prompts to reinforce your intention setting, help you identify challenges and celebrate your wins. Here you can also check-in with your Pod Mates throughout the week.

If it's not for you this time or doesn't suit your schedule, don't worry - you can join a later Pod 😎