Cover Image for One Day Wellness Retreat for Soul-Driven Women Entrepreneurs
Cover Image for One Day Wellness Retreat for Soul-Driven Women Entrepreneurs

One Day Wellness Retreat for Soul-Driven Women Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Kyla, Senya Borrelli & Raquel Otis
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Any human who identifies as a soul-driven woman entrepreneur and is looking for a like-minded community to grow WITH.


Come join three experts and a like-minded community of soul-driven women entrepreneurs seeking to expand the souls of their businesses on a conscious level. Through Somatic movement, Family Constellations Therapy, and Nutrition Activation, you will be expertly guided on an incredible healing journey that will leave you feeling seen, heard, loved, and nurtured on a soul level.


Senya Borrelli ran a successful piano teaching business before starting her nutrition consulting business. She is passionate about holistic wellness and bringing the right practitioners to the right clients and creating communities of wellness and wellbeing.

Raquel Otis is a former tech analyst turned 20-year movement expert. She founded Spark Movement: An experience that distills movement practices, such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation, that is gentle on your joints, supports your connective tissue, and reduces daily physical and emotional stressors, while increasing your flexibility and strength.

Kyla Mitsunaga is a former award-winning professor turned global happiness coach, subconscious mind expert, and founder of The Mitsunaga Method™: A healing method that combines energy healing, integrative hypnosis, and family constellations therapy to help women heal at the deepest levels so they can achieve success on their own terms.

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