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Plumia's Speaker Series

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Jun 17 · Thu
2:00 PM
Jun 24 · Thu
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We're working to build a borderless future. Come join us!

Plumia's Speaker Series is an ongoing series of public conversations with academics, policy-makers, and founders who are reimagining democracy and policy in the internet world.

We'll meet weekly on Zoom with Q&A at the end of each conversation.

May 20th - Andrew Keen on How to Fix Democracy & Problems with Internet Culture

May 27th - Sophie Nappert on International Arbitration

June 1st - Santiago Siri on Democracy Earth & Decentralized Education

June 10th - Jon Barnes on Self-governing Organizations

June 17th - Brett Hennig on the Sortition Foundation

June 24th - John Surico on Community-Focused Ownership Models

… and more to come!

Co-hosted by Lauren Razavi.

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Plumia is working towards a borderless world, with foundational infrastructure to support you wherever you go, with freedom and equal opportunities for everyone.