How to choose a tech stack for Product-Led GTM



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How to Choose a Tech Stack for Product-Led GTM

As product-led growth (PLG) becomes the primary strategy for many new-age SaaS companies, existing tech stack best practices to support revenue teams are no longer relevant. We'll cover why choosing the right tech stack is critical in successfully executing a PLG strategy and provide tactical advice on the types of solutions to consider. You should leave this talk feeling fully equipped to get started on evaluating new tools to augment your existing tech stack.

Diana Hsieh, Head of Product and Co-Founder at Correlated

Diana is Head of Product and Co-Founder at Correlated, a revenue platform that helps PLG companies find more conversion and expansion opportunities. Prior to Correlated, Diana was the first product person at Cockroach Labs and Timescale, both of which are successful OSS databases that leveraged PLG models. She has focused primarily on enterprise software throughout her career with early experience investing in and supporting early stage enterprise startups as a venture capitalist. In her free time, she explores new restaurants and tries new wines around Boston.

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