How PLG and SLG can blend to capture more of your business’ potential



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There is a certain inertia that may lead SaaS companies to stay closer or even exclusively embrace one single approach: either product-led or sales-led. A one-dimensional tactic could be limiting your SaaS from maximizing its potential, however. Why? Buyers today do want an experience with quick gratification and more self-service. However, finding the right balance between self-service product learning and a more hands-on sales touch may add winning points for your team.

Join this workshop with Claudia Vasiliu, Product Strategist at Verifone, to learn how you can leverage a mix of both approaches depending on your product type and target market. Get insights on:

✔ Which company profile typically fits PLG and SLG strategies

✔ Why you shouldn’t follow an exclusive approach

✔ How to incorporate a mix of the two strategies, regardless of your traditional approach

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