PKM for Research - May 2022 Events



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Researchers are knowledge creators.

We consume knowledge, we play with knowledge, we experiment and generate new knowledge. So, knowledge management is not only a need but a MUST for any researcher. Yet, we talk so little about it.

Well, not anymore...

May 1st - Twitter Spaces (Atomic Visuals)

Did you think notes need to be text-only? Then join me in this Twitter Spaces as we chat with Laura Evans-Hill on why, when and how to create atomic visuals for research.

May 8th - Introduction to Linked Knowledge (Closed Webinar)

Do you love the idea of creating links between your notes (including in its paper form) but have no idea where to start? Join me in this Webinar to discuss:

  • How to take notes that can help you be more creative (we are knowledge creators after all!)

  • Differences between folder-based Note Management and link-based Note Management

  • What are links, backlinks and Maps of Content™️ and how to use them

  • Examples using Obsidian, Notion, Scrintal, Logseq, Evernote, Google Docs and even pen and paper!

This webinar is supported by Linking Your Thinking

May 15th - Twitter Spaces (Programmable Notes)

Most notes are static, but what if you want to run software scripts within your notes? From embedded Python scripts to R scripts containing Markdown, join me and Maggie Appleton as we chat about Programmable Notes.

May 20th - PKM for Research (Linking Your Thinking Conference)

Linking Your Thinking is throwing a massive party! And we will be a part of that.

More information coming soon.

May 22nd - Twitter Spaces (Notes to Self versus Notes to Others)

How do you write your notes? Are they written with you as an audience? Are they written for others? How does it impact in your knowledge creation? Join me and Guía Carmona as we chat about how notes can support your creative expression.

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