Cover Image for Blockchain Developers Berlin Pt.2
Cover Image for Blockchain Developers Berlin Pt.2
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Blockchain Developers Berlin Pt.2

Hosted by Jobited & Peer Network PSE
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Hey there, Rust, Solidity, and Golang wizards! 🎉

Get ready to dive into the heart of Berlin's tech scene with Blockchain Developers Berlin Pt.2, hosted by Peernetwork & Jobited. This isn't just another meetup; it's your golden ticket to a few hours of pure blockchain interaction, where coding languages meet creativity in the vibrant atmosphere of Hubraum - Deutsche Telekom's tech incubator.

Mark your calendars for May 18, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM GMT+2, because you're invited to join us at Winterfeldtstraße 21, 10781 Berlin, Germany, for an unforgettable gathering of minds and code.

Whether you're a Rust aficionado, a Solidity specialist, or a Golang guru, this meetup is for you. Imagine a place where you can share your latest project, debate the merits of your favorite blockchain platform, and connect with fellow developers who speak your language, all in the span of a few hours.

Bring your passion, your code, and your ideas to Blockchain Developers Berlin Pt.2. Let's make this more than just a meetup; let's make it a celebration of what we do best. Enjoy ourselves.

See you there! 🚀

hubraum - tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom
Winterfeldtstraße 21, 10781 Berlin, Germany
218 Going