Cover Image for Deep Blockchain Fundamentals by ILDS, MultiversX, and Pi Squared
Cover Image for Deep Blockchain Fundamentals by ILDS, MultiversX, and Pi Squared

Deep Blockchain Fundamentals by ILDS, MultiversX, and Pi Squared

Hosted by Grigore Rosu & 3 others
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Discover the intriguing synergy between mathematics and Blockchain technology at our Blockchain Workshop! Whether you're a student, researcher, professor, or industry expert fascinated by this intersection, this event is tailored for you.

Hosted jointly by Pi Squared (π²), the Institute for Logic and Data Science (ILDS) and MultiversX, our workshop will spotlight the role of mathematics, reasoning, and cryptography in shaping blockchain innovations.

Expect insightful presentations on topics such as proofs of proofs for universal verifiable computing, sovereign chains, parallel processing on MultiversX and more.


10:00 Coffee, Opening, Introductions, Program, etc (may start at 10:15 if people keep coming)

10:30 Adrian Dobrita (Head of Engineering at MultiversX)

11:15 Robert Sasu (Core Developer at MultiversX)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Grigore Roșu (CEO of Pi Squared and Runtime Verification; Professor at UIUC)

13:45 Coffee

14:00 Adam Fiedler (Math Proof Lead at Pi Squared)

14:45 Mihai Calancea (Software Engineer at Pi Squared)

15:30 Coffee

15:45 Andrei Pitiș (Founder and CEO of Genezio)

16:15 Mario ETH

16:45 Coffee (may be skipped)

17:00 Panel

18:00 Dinner & Drinks

21:00 End

The event will be held in person and online (on Zoom).

If you opt for in-person attendance, lunch, snacks, and dinner will be provided, alongside a closing reception featuring drinks. Please note, that due to venue constraints, physical attendance is limited, so secure your spot early by registering. ​Everyone is welcome to join the event online.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the fascinating realm where mathematics intersects with Blockchain. Participation is free, but registration is required. Reserve your place today!

About the Institute for Logic and Data Science (ILDS):

The Institute for Logic and Data Science (ILDS) is a non-profit independent research institute dedicated to the spread and advancement of logic-based and data-oriented scientific methods.

The mission of ILDS is pursuing the following goals:  

  • to offer deep scientific expertise to industry through a pool of talented researchers, implementing together tailored R&D projects;

  • to run research grants providing administrative and logistical support to researchers who obtain funding through national, European, or private research programmes;

  • to organize scientific events to advance the state of the art;

  • to build a thriving community of researchers in logic and data science.

Founded in 2022 by five enthusiast scientists with experience in the academic and industrial worlds, ILDS is building a community of researchers and industry experts from Romania and abroad that work together on various research projects and share and advance their knowledge in scientific meetings.

About MultiversX:

MultiversX is a distributed transactional computation protocol that relies on a sharded state architecture and a secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. While most other blockchain networks require custom hardware and high energy consumption, MultiversX runs on average computers. By employing sharding, a method of parallelizing data & transactions processing, MultiversX’s performance scales up with the number of computers joining the network, reaching more than 100.000 transactions per second while growing increasingly decentralized. EGLD is used for all core network functionalities, such as staking, protocol governance, transaction fees, smart contract royalties, and validator rewards, as well as for the deployment of smart contracts, protocols and decentralized applications on the network.

About Pi Squared (π²):

Pi Squared uses zero-knowledge (ZK) technology in a correct-by-construction and fundamentally unique way, which allows a universal and disarmingly small ZK circuit to provide verifiable-computing correctness guarantees to all languages and virtual machines (VMs) alike, without any translation to a common language, VM, or instruction set architecture (ISA).

Pi Squared is building a Universal Settlement Layer (USL) to make blockchain/language/application interoperability seamless and completely eliminate the need for traditional yet notoriously buggy language implementations such as compilers, transpilers, or interpreters. Pi Squared’s USL is built upon recent advancements in ZK, formal semantics, and logic reasoning techniques.

The Pi Squared project is led by UIUC professor Grigore Rosu, founder of the K framework and of Runtime Verification, and consists of researchers and founders of successful projects in formal methods, blockchain, and AI/ML.

Strada Popa Tatu 18
București 010805, Romania
Location: Institute for Logic and Data Science