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Bootstrapping Weird Work w/ Pamela J. Hobart

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Pamela is an academic philosopher turned life coach who helps intellectuals to turn their “overthinking” into wisdom and action.

Over the course of the past two years she has successfully bootstrapped her business to over $50,000 in annual revenue, all while raising her three kids and moving to Austin, TX.

Do you eye niche businesses with curiosity but confusion?

Have you been procrastinating on starting your own niche business? 

What are the real challenges to doing niche work and what are just the same old excuses? 

In this Q&A, Pamela will briefly share what she's learned from her experiments, successes, and failures over the past two years. She has launched about a dozen products and services so far - while some have been successful, others have failed or weren’t worth the work.

After Pamela’s initial overview, we will leave plenty of time for her to answer your questions about her businesses, strategy, and mental models.

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