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​In the current landscape driven by disruptions, organisations need to ensure that they remain competitive. In this regard, people decisions and people related programs are vital for every organization's success. The accelerated pace of Digital Transformation has made it even more crucial for HR professionals to have a strong understanding of analytics for making insightful data-driven decisions (to drive strong business outcomes).

​​People Analytics is an important skill for HR to truly be a Strategic Business Partner and for them to be successful, they need to be digitally literate & analytically capable to hold evidence-based conversations with businesses.

​​This Masterclass session aims to provide HR professionals with a strong understanding of HR Analytics and equip them with key concepts and tools to utilise people data for creating effective organisational initiatives and supporting business outcomes.

​​This program will help its participants...

  • ​​Understand practical, hands-on approaches to connect HR practices (and data)  to business performance.

  • ​​Get a clear understanding of key statistical and practical concepts, such as ROI and measuring people productivity

  • ​​To use accessible tools such as Excel for basic analytics; discuss data collection, clean-up and storage; practice building descriptive and predictive models

  • ​​Gain hands-on experience in data-driven applications for workforce planning, recruitment, compensation, training, career planning and turnover

  • ​​Work on HR analytics problems involving “real” data and be able to put HR analytics skills and tools to good use

  • ​​Become more digitally savvy that will help foster innovation, curiosity and deliver value for the organisation

​​Fee Structure:

  1. ​​​General: S$199 (inclusive of GST)

  2. ​​​IHRP Members (CP, SP, MP): S$99* (inclusive of GST)


​​Why is People Analytics Important? Review case studies of businesses that have used people analytics to improve their decision-making.

​​Basics of People-analytic Thinking: Principles of people-analytic thinking and review basic concepts related to descriptive/predictive statistics (regressions, correlations, z-scores).

​​Data Collection, Clean-Up and Storage: ​Understand data and how to use it. Discuss about structured (internal) data, big data (external), and how to ensure the validity, reliability and generalizability of data for consistency and clarity. Discuss about storing data so that it can be consolidated and accessed.

​​People Analytics Modelling

  • ​​Developing and testing hypotheses and models (interactive exercise)

  • ​​Graphs tell stories (including exercises)

​​Application : Use real data to show how to develop hypotheses; apply analytics tools in excel to determine relationships; derive insights and develop visuals to tell a convincing story. The participants will learn how this process is done, and how to ask relevant questions that can be analysed.

​​ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Fermin Diez has more than 35 years of experience in human resources, which includes consulting, corporate and academic roles in 40 countries in all continents. As a consultant, he has advised major multinationals, large local companies and public sector organisations at the Board and C-Suite levels. He has also managed the P&L in several geographical locations and businesses. As an HR leader, he has been Regional Head of HR for two large MNCs in AsiaPac and in Latin America. He is currently Deputy CEO and Group Head of Human Resources for Singapore’s National Council for Social Service. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Singapore Management University and at Nanyang Technological University and is co-author of three books: ‘Human Capital and Global Business Strategy’, ‘The Remuneration Handbook: International Edition’ and ‘Fundamentals of HR Analytics’. 

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