Study Group: An exploration in peer-led learning experiences



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โ€‹School is back in session! ๐Ÿ“–

We're hosting themed Study Groups here at Orbit where we will gather on a regular basis to dive in together on topics of interest.

โ€‹One such Study Group is Learning in Communities. We believe there are so many ways to learn with community and we'd love to explore it more.

โ€‹In this session, co-founder of Coleap, Pablo Simko will lead the way in facilitating this session to cover discussions related to transformational peer-led learning in relation to community.

โ€‹Come and join in to talk about things like:

  • โ€‹What are good ways to organize peer-led learning?

  • โ€‹What does community have to do with it?

  • โ€‹How can community make peer-led learning a better experience?

  • โ€‹What innovations are happening in this space right now?

โ€‹Study Groups are safe spaces to:

  • โ€‹discuss and explore topics

  • โ€‹ask questions

  • โ€‹pitch in with your views or experience

โ€‹We'll be using Butter & Miro. The session will (hopefully) be recorded. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

See you there!

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