Product Buds Real Talk: Beating Imposter Syndrome



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Do you find yourself procrastinating a lot? Do you struggle with perfectionism? Do you have self-doubts and feel as though you're never good enough? If you can relate to these feelings, then you may be exhibiting imposter syndrome. Product Buds, believe it or not, you're NOT alone!

We're excited to launch the Product Buds Real Talk series, where we share stories of challenges, failures, and struggles we all go through. It’s about time we talk about these things. Our goal is to create a safe space for our community members to listen, support, and empower each other.

Join us as we kick off our Real Talk series with an open and honest roundtable discussion about imposter syndrome! We’ll start off with a short story and awesomeness from a fellow Product Bud turned Product Manager at Redfin, Phyllis Njoroge! Then, we'll move into breakout rooms to share our own experiences of coping with imposter syndrome and discuss how we can reduce its impact on our wellbeing and performance!

Take a break from the hustle and get to know your fellow Product Buds as people! Come as you are and stay as long as you'd like!

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