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This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

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Everyone's welcome to sign up for this series of workshops and events! Come and learn from our stellar line up of product speakers, meet other product buds in the community, and win some awesome door prizes! Registrations to compete as a participant however are now closed.

Day 1 (November 9, Monday)

🔎Problem Discovery & Definition Workshop (5-6PM PST)🔎

  • Learn how to derive user pain points, create target personas, and define problem statements from user/market research.

  • Hosted by Sana Ahmed, Founder @ The Product Marketing Institute, Global Product Management & Marketing, Facebook Alumni

Day 2 (November 10, Tuesday)

💡 Ideation & MVP Feature Prioritization Workshop (5-6PM PST)💡

  • Learn how to brainstorm solution ideas, survey competitive products, identify differentiators, and narrow down features to scope your minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Hosted by Cheryl Kwan, Senior Product Manager @ PlayStation

Day 3 (November 11, Wednesday)

📈Solution Validation Workshop (5-6PM PST)📈

  • Learn how to build, test, and measure the success of your prototype.

  • Hosted by Andrew Verboncouer, CEO & Head of Design @ Headway

Day 4 (November 12, Thursday)

🗣 New Product Pitch Workshop (5-6PM PST)🗣

  • Learn how to prove there is a real need for your product and how to tie in user, market, and competitive research insights to craft a compelling narrative.

  • Hosted by Timi Dayo-Kayode, CEO @ Worksense, Talent Fellow @ Contrary Capital

Day 5 (November 13, Friday)

🤩Kick Off (10-11AM PST)🤩

Opening Keynote with Q&A: Tech Ethics

  • Technology has the potential to generate enormous impact in our everyday lives, from social media's effect on civic engagement to the gig economy's effect on drivers' livelihoods. The extent to which this impact is good for society depends largely on the decisions you will all make as builders of our future.

  • Hosted by Hadar Dor, Product Manager, Civic and Health Integrity @ Facebook

👫Roundtable (5-6PM PST)👫

  • Hangout with the Product Buds Crew

Day 6 (November 14, Saturday)

👫Roundtable (5-6PM PST)👭

  • Among Us Game Night

Day 7 (November 15, Sunday)

🎉Demo Day (2-4PM PST)🎉

Top 5 Team Presentations Judged by Panel

Closing Keynote: Take Your Product to the Next Level

  • Learn how to take a product from concept (hackathon project) through launch.

  • Hosted by Ron Adams, Principal Product Manager @ Atlassian, CTO & Co-founder of Hall Inc. (acquired by Atlassian)

Raffle Prizes

  • 1:1 coffee chats with PMs from companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and more!

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