Product Buds Real Talk: Setting Goals for 2021



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Looking to set yourself up for success in 2021? End the year 2020 feeling positive and prepared by joining us for a PB Real Talk on goal setting! 🎯

We'll start off the session with an insightful talk from Jae Taylor, Staff Product Manager at Twitter and Founder of Despite coming from a non-traditional background, Jae successfully broke into the tech industry and held management roles in Product and Engineering (read his full bio below!). He will be sharing:

💡His story and critical tips that skyrocketed his career

💡How to set goals and what to prioritize for the biggest impact

💡His top 3 biggest tips to stand out and skip the recruiting process

Then, we'll move into breakout rooms to connect with each other, discuss areas of growth, and identify ways on how we can support one another in realizing our goals for 2021, whether they may be personal or professional.

Come as you are and leave the session feeling empowered to achieve your 2021 plans!

🗣About the speaker🗣

Jae was an office assistant, a young dad, had no bachelor’s degree (still doesn't), and had no connections in the tech industry.

Even with the challenges that come with being a minority (Black/Korean), he broke into the tech industry, and has succeeded at some of the top companies in the world including Microsoft, Expedia, Salesforce, Twitter. He also built 2 successful startups.

Currently, a Staff Product Manager for Twitter, Jae is also founder of, a mentor-lead tech education and career service platform.

As a hiring manager and mentor, Jae aims to share his story, clear hiring misconceptions, and attempt to provide a new perspective and path of success.

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