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​Product Management recruiting season is around the corner! πŸ‘€

​This year Product Buds is aiming to provide a series of PM program-specific events to help answer the most questions you have and understand different Product Management programs out there. 🌱

​The first program of this series will be centered around Facebook's Rotational Product Manager program. Applications open 26th July - 30th July 2021, find more info on Facebook RPM Program (fbrpms.com).

We are excited to bring you our 2021 Facebook Rotational Product Manager Program Panel.

​We have four amazing panelists, all part of the FB RPM program, to answer your questions. Facebook RPM program is a fast-paced PM learning program that allows you to learn from and work on challenging problems that Facebook faces, including Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp.

​Read more below about all our panelists! P.S. if you plan to connect with them on LinkedIn, please send a personalized invite OR "Follow" them on LinkedIn. πŸ˜‡

Valerie Fanelle, RPM Cohort: July 2020

Valerie joined Facebook as a Rotational Product Manager in July 2020 after graduating with a degree in computer science from Georgia Tech. She has since rotated within the Ads, Communities, and Instagram orgs at Facebook. She chose to become a PM post-grad because she believes the hardest part of building a valuable product is identifying the most important problems to solve, and PMs are best positioned to do this work. Valerie loves to travel, bake, and weightlift in her spare time.

​Isabella Voelkl, RPM Cohort: Jan 2021

​Isabella Voelkl grew up in Austin, Texas before moving to Boston to go to MIT, graduating in 2017. She started her career at Anheuser-Busch and spent 1 year there before becoming an Operations Program Manager for new iPhone launches for 2.5 years. After realizing she wanted to move from Operations into something more product-focused, she then joined the RPM program in January’21 and just completed her first rotation!

​Courtnie Phillip, RPM Cohort: July 2020

​Courtnie is a Facebook RPM based out of the Seattle office. She is currently in her third rotation working on Productivity System Apps in Oculus. Prior to the RPM Program, she spent a year working at a racial equity and public policy non-profit in Oakland, and two years doing clinical and public health research in lupus at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She graduated from Tufts University with her BA in International Relations.

​Aymed Rodriguez Ortiz, RPM Cohort: Jan 2021

​Aymed joined Facebook as a Rotational Product Manager in January 2021. She is a Pennsylvania State University grad where she studied Communication and Political Science. She has had rotations within the Oculus and Facebook Watch. Before the RPM program, Aymed didn't even know what a PM role even was but was intrigued by the RPM program and PM role after learning about it that she had to apply to the program. In her free time, Aymed enjoys karaoke, traveling, and taking care of her pets.

​We are excited to hear from the panelists, see you on July 28th!

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