Product Buds: How to Build A New Product From Scratch Inside a Big Company



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Learn how to bring real impact to your company as an intern or full time employee with Gavin Feuer. Join us in learning how to build something new to help your organization thrive! Below are some questions to guide our conversation with Gavin.

1. How do you make sense of the process and things you need for making something in a productive way? At a big company, there are already a lot of processes set in place and some things might take much longer than anticipated because of that.

2. How do you deal with such situations where you want things to move faster but there is also quite a few things that aren’t in your control? How do you deal with conflict within teams when it comes to disagreements while building something new?

3. When you’re in a large company the scope of what you can build might be more vast, meaning people could have very different ideas of how to move forward with something. The PMs/managers may have the final say, but how do you make sure other team members feel like they’re being heard/valued for their perspectives?

🗣 About the speaker 🗣

Gavin has many years of product experience of which the most recent is as Senior Manager in Product Management at T-Mobile. He continues to grow his team which builds Mobile Apps, Cloud Services, and IoT products often from scratch for the company. Previously he was a Product Lead at Amazon also creating a new product which has grown to currently being worked on by many.

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