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Sunset Mixer with Global Web3 Builders

Hosted by Talent@Web3 & Nicole Nguyen
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Join us for an exclusive evening at the "Sunset Mixer with Global Web3 Builders." This curated event brings together blockchain builders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists shaping the future of decentralized technology.

​We have also put together an amazing panel comprising top VCs and builders.


  • ​Cheryl Chan, Partner at Dragonfly Capital

  • Darius Sit, Founder/CIO at QCP Capital

  • Mathias Beke, Founder CTO at Kairon Labs

  • ​Nu Dao, Partner at Rubik VC

  • Georgios Vlachos, Founder at Axelar

  • Sheryansh Singh, Partner at Polygon Ventures

​Note: As this is highly curated meetup with limited slots, we seek your patience as we take some time to approve your registration. The venue will also be shared only with approved participants. Many thanks!

​Dress code (very important)

Smart Casual/Elegant, strictly no casuals.  Please take note that guests in T-Shirts, Torn Jeans, Shorts, Sandals and Slippers will not be admitted.


Google Cloud: Google's subsidiary providing cloud computing services for businesses and developers, offering storage, data analytics, machine learning, and cloud-based application development.

Searce: A global cloud consulting and solutions company enabling digital transformation and cloud-based growth through services like cloud migration and managed solutions.

APAC DAO | APAC DAO is an ever growing web3 B2B community of 1,700+ members - 500+ projects - 15+ APAC countries & 4M+ blockchain enthusiasts through members’ communities. ​They aspire to leverage this powerful network to educate, crowdsource, and support high quality projects in a DAO-governing model through Education, Meetup and Business Matching

Talent@Web3: With 1300+ members, their aim is to onboard the next generation of web3 talent through education, networking and job matching. They have partnered Menyala, Google Cloud, AWS, Antler and Web3 Talent to organize some of the more successful meetups in the region.

Main Sponsors:

Kairon Labs | stands as a premium market making and advisory enterprise, with over 4 years of service to digital assets and exchanges. They deliver ethical market making solutions and have supported more than 300 clients, with continuous worldwide market monitoring. Their committed team offers top-tier liquidity solutions, leveraging quantitative trading tactics through their unique proprietary algorithmic trading software.

Axelar | is the full-stack interoperability layer for Web3. The network enables blockchain as a new kind of development platform, integrating diverse networks into a seamless “Internet of blockchains.” Axelar is programmable and decentralized, secured by a proof-of-stake token, AXL. Application users access any digital asset or application, with one click. Developers work with a simple API and access an ecosystem of tools and service providers.  


Web3Auth | is the leading Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) infrastructure provider that leverages enterprise-grade Multi-party Computation (MPC). It leverages a simple, self-custodial Two-Factor Wallet set up for Web2 brands and Web3 applications, providing a seamless login experience for everyone. Web3Auth has worked with Web2 brands like NBCUniversal,, SK Planet and Web3 projects like Binance Extension, Metamask, Keplr, Kukai, Skyweaver, Kash, Coub among others. The organization closed a US$13 million Series A in January 2022 led by Sequoia Capital India. Today, it is proud to support more than 500 web3 projects with 12 million monthly users.

Beacon Ventures | is a wholly-owned corporate venture capital fund of Kasikornbank PCL (SET: KBANK), a leading commercial bank in Thailand with the highest mobile penetration and largest SME base. With an initial fund of $30 million, Beacon VC focuses on strategic investments in early to growth-stage technology startups covering not only financial technology (fintech), but also consumer internet and enterprise technology. In 2022, Beacon VC expanded its fund size to $265 million to invest globally in early to growth stage startups.  

Soully | is a decentralized consumer graph protocol that allows individuals and businesses to securely collaborate on and exchange the value of data. The protocol consists of a token-powered data incentive layer built on the schema architecture, and utilizes ZK and encryption technologies to provide a privacy-preserving environment for data processing. 

Its SoulMe app – a data collection app that connects end consumers with businesses, and .soul – Web3 identities & keys for IRL businesses to control & benefit from their data. Besides these two native applications, Soully is also collaborating with Web3 projects, such as SuperDAO, Ethlas, W3W, and Growing3, to build a new data landscape.

Since its launch in May 2023, Soully has established a network of 50k+ community members, 20k+ app users, 40+ IRL businesses and 20+ Web3 partners.