Laura Evans-Hill: The Th(ink) Tank: How to use atomic visuals to organise your ideas



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Event Information

In this session, you will walk away with:

  • How visuals help you PROCESS your thinking

  • How visuals help you PLAN your data linking

  • How visuals help you PRESENT your linked thinking to others

  • You’ll also come away with visual frameworks & tools to start using atomic visuals to link your thinking

About Laura Evans-Hill

Founder of Nifty Fox Creative and ex-social researcher, Laura has created atomic visuals for organisations all over the world to make the complex simple & drive change - from Siemens & NatWest, through to the UN, international parliaments & over 50 universities.​

Atomic visuals helped Laura: 📈 Build a six figure business, in 18 months 👍 Sell out Pencil Pirates in its first cohort, making over $30k in revenue 🐥 Increase Twitter audience by 4500% in 90 days​

Find out more about Laura here:

About the Linking Your Thinking Conference

The LYT Conference provides a full—and free—week of practical examples using linked notes so you can take your thinking to the next level.

Attend 15 live sessions on topics such as research, journaling, personal retreats, how folder-based paradigms might complement link-based ones, Zettelkasten, and much more.

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