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Writing Club

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About Event

Join me to write your little heart out in this monthly Writing Club!

This Writing Club is for you if you are:

📝looking to carve out the time to explore a journalling practice

🧑‍💻looking for accountability to dig into a self-initiated writing project

🎧looking for a container to focus on your own writing without being called to share your work or workshop your ideas with the collective (there will be another space for that if you so choose to share)


This experience is hosted by Lauren Best, Founder of Possibilities Universe.

Possibilities Universe aims to provide a nurturing space for individuals to cultivate confidence in trying new things within the need for perfection.

There are no destinations in this universe, but rather an appreciation in the journey and present moment of simply experiencing these new possibilities.

Here you may ruminate, experiment, ponder, explore, seek introspection and reflection.

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