Shark apex uplight vacuum reviews: lightweight and powerful

Finding and purchasing a good vacuum cleaner these days can be pretty difficult. There are so many brands and models on the market vying for your attention all at once. From what we’ve learned, many people took as much as a few hours to be able to find a decent model that suits their preferences and budget.

Well, if you can relate to this problem, TheKingLive can help!

In today’s best vacuum cleaner review, we assessed (at the moment) one of the best stick vacuums on the market: the Shark APEX UpLight. It has excellent ratings among consumers. When we gave a unit to our testers, it also scored very well in terms of cleaning performance and design, too.

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You can use the link down below to dive straight into our detailed review. However, if you don’t have a lot of time, this post will have all of the basic information you need to know about this stick vacuum.

For such an affordable stick vacuum, the Shark APEX UpLight has very good performance.

We tested it on both hardwood floors and carpeting (low-pile and high-pile). It received a near-perfect score on hardwood thanks to its powerful suction. The vacuum managed to cleanly sweep up debris and pet hair without much fuss.

Carpeting performance is great. The vacuum can clean low-pile carpeting very well. However, when it comes to high-pile carpets, the vacuum’s performance suffered somewhat. The vacuum refused to pick up a few bits of debris nestled deep inside of the dense piling.

But overall performance was still very good and it managed to pick up most dirt, debris, and pet hair.

There are two problems with the UpLight, though. You cannot adjust the suction power and you cannot turn off the brush roll.

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When it comes to design, Shark did a good job with the aesthetic. The vacuum looks beautiful and modern. Unlike old Shark upright vacuums like the Shark Navigator NV360, you won’t have to hide this one away when guests come over.

Our testers reported that the vacuum is quite comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomics handle. It can offset a lot of the vacuum’s weight from the user’s wrist, reducing fatigue.

Speaking of weight, the vacuum is pretty heavy. It weighs around 11 pounds on our scale. This is much heavier than the average stick vacuum. So, if a light weight is one of your “must-have” for a good vacuum cleaner, this can be a turn-off.

Fortunately, if you remove the front suction wand and the heavy cleaning head, the weight of the vacuum comes down to a comfortable 5 pounds.

It has a good cleaning range as a result of its 30 feet power cord. The dust cup has a maximum capacity of 2.8 dry quarts. Unfortunately, the vacuum’s recommended capacity (up to the fill line) is only 0.68 dry quarts, which is quite small.

Its air filtration consists of Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology and a HEPA filter. Together, they can be of great help to allergy sufferers.

The Shark APEX UpLight is a very good stick vacuum for the price it’s at. If you would like to know more about this vacuum in fuller details, use the link below: