Tuesday & Saturday Classes Back To Normal. + Insight

All Classes are back to normal now following Bank Holiday.


:: Your natural peaceful state is
one of happiness, one of joy, one of contentment one
of complete fulfilment in anything that you turn
yourself to. When you are not in this complete
coherence state, there is distraction and agitation
often in the mind.

:: Distraction and agitation are often rooted in the mind
through repetitive conditioning via ineffective and
inefficient use of the mind, such as agitation and
conditioning, which first comes about very early in life
when we start to explore emotions such as anger,
anxiety, guilt, and shame.

:: As we become a little older and we start to become
more attuned to our lifestyles and our relationships.
Through effective use of meditation and meditation
techniques, we soon learn to reverse this entire range
of conditioning.

:: Meditation is more than just the repetition, focus, or
contemplation of words. It is a wholehearted
evaluation and inventory of yourself on the
subconscious level, very gently like a feather falling
from the sky.  Have a great day. Mark 


:: The world can appear as a big place sometimes and when you see yourself as part of this world it soon becomes apparent that there are things we can do to make this planet of ours a better place for ourselves and for each other. Preventing the obstacles to a happy life are not a fool’s errand but a reflection of your inner spiritual light or consciousness for good. Your determination to let positivity and the right thing cover and extinguish unnecessary negativity and destructive actions.

:: Your inner and outer worlds are reflections of each other in the most intricate of ways, yet many of us are unaware of what we see and hear we become and what we become we see and hear. If you are vibrating an essence of fear then fear is manly the substance of your reality, similarly if you vibrate an essence of peace and love then these qualities will be most substantial in your representative worlds.

:: The continual stream of happiness takes focus and attention, it also requires the application of your gifts. Mainly the gifts of your voice for kindness, your ears to listen compassionately to others, your mind to discern the right truths, and of course, your heart to receive and return love in abundance.

:: Use your gifts and make the world a place that fosters light and love. Have a great day and meditate if you can .. Mark :)

Clarify & Purify

To spend time clarifying
yourself and purifying your own spirit is time well
spent. This is best done through meditation and
contemplation on kindness to all beings with the
added extension of the intention of best wishes and
heartfelt care.  Mark :)



Exciting Times. When You Allow
More Light And Energy To Come Into Your Life, The
More You Are Going To Change Your Overall
Orientation. Maybe Things Will Change For the Better,
Or Maybe They Just Change Temporarily :) Have A
Great Day. Mark :)

Right Now

How You See The World

Have an awesome week ahead. Mark :)