Hey, Look at Us: Reading More Distributed Systems Papers

Zeeshan Lakhani
Jan 20, 2023

Howdy all,

​Zeeshan from Fission here (also Papers We Love, etc)! I'll be running the reading group this year. For those catching up on the past, you can find previous videos and chat logs at https://talk.fission.codes/c/events/distsys/79. While the first 2 papers are set for 2023, please suggest papers for future sessions here or bring up ideas in the Jan/Feb sessions. 

​As a reminder, here's what we're reading next. 

​We'll be tackling Reflections on trusting distributed trust on Jan 27. I look forward to a brief summary by a volunteer! Otherwise, please reach out with questions, thoughts, ideas, and more on our discord channel

​Thanks and see you all soon,

​Zeeshan and the Fission team