Weekly Update 2021-04-18 — A Dispatch from Hawaii

Victor Pontis
Apr 19, 2021

A Week in Hawaii

Hi, I’m writing to you with this view:

I’m in Maui for a week to celebrate the acquisition of my friend’s company. And if you walk to the beach in the photo, you can see the island of Lanai which is almost totally owned by Larry Ellison.

So we are celebrating a friend’s success in tech while looking out and seeing an island bought by a database mogul. I’m sure there’s some metaphor or lesson here, but I can’t retrieve it.

I’ll be in Maui for the rest of this week. I’m looking forward to paddle boarding, swimming, and drinking sugary cocktails.

I would like to be running more here but I overextended myself with the marathon last week, so my knees are quite sore! I hope this can serve as a lesson that I really need to pace myself better.

Achieving Your Goals

It’s hard to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Most New Years resolutions fail. Gyms make most of their money off people who never go to the gym. The best universities have put their course content online for free but the completion rate of MOOCs is lower than 7%.

We all have goals and skills we want to acquire, but again and again we struggle to achieve them. For the past 5 years, I’ve wanted to learn to draw and to dunk a basketball.

While working on Luma, we’ve seen people come together to achieve their goals. To get a new job, workout together, learn how to cook. And it seems to be working.

I’m thinking a lot more about how we achieve our goals. And what we can build in Luma to make it easier to achieve our goals.

So my questions for you:

  1. What skill do you want to improve or learn right now? Are you actively pursuing it?

  2. Do you have any special tricks or habits that you use to achieve your goals?