Be a Million Dollar Teacher - Monday Workshop

Hello from The Nice Center!

We believe everyone has something to teach.

Whether it’s how to invest in crypto, how to stream on Twitch, or how to bake amazing cookies, someone wants to learn from you. 

On Monday at 1pm CT, The Nice Center is excited to teach you how in a free, online workshop: How to be a Million Dollar Teacher. Since you joined us previously, we wanted to make sure you knew about it! 

Register and get the recording by signing up here:

What You’ll Learn:

In this webinar, we will dive into:

  • ​What are cohort-based courses and transformational courses

  • ​How to build, market, and launch a successful course

  • ​How to measure online learning outcomes and improve courses based on the data

  • ​The future of education and educators

Who You’ll Meet:

​Our instructors for this workshop are Charlotte Crowther, founder of mySnapshot, and Andrew Barry, Program Director of On Deck's Course Creator fellowship.

Crowther joins us from the UK. She works with course creators around the world to measure and improve courses based on student feedback. By combining her skills as an artist and her interest as learning outcomes, she has helped some of the largest CBC's improve their courses, including Ali Abdaal's Part Time YouTube Academy, Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain, and David Perell's Write of Passage.

Barry is from South Africa and is the founder of Curious Lion, providing corporate training for some of the largest companies in the world. He is now launching On Deck's Course Creator fellowship as its inaugural Program Director, helping course creators launch around the world.

Learn To Share Your Knowledge and Passion

We can’t wait to see you on Monday. The event is open to all – students, faculty, and community members from ND and beyond.

Come learn how to be entrepreneurial using your knowledge and passion now – even if you don’t typically think of yourself as a “teacher.”

See you Monday!