DeepSource Community Newsletter, October 2022

Oct 31, 2022

Hello! 👋

​​I'm Ishaan, and I organize community events at DeepSource. These e-mails are meant to keep you updated about our latest community activities. I promise it's all talk, no spam.

​​What we've been up to →

We hosted a fantastic bunch of Gophers with the help of Last9 in October! In case you're one of the curious souls, here are the slides from the talks at .meetup/go:

  1. "Deep dive into Go's Race Detector (TSan)" by Subham.

  2. "Clean Monitoring" by Aniket.

  3. "Using Go's stringer tool" by Arjun.

There is a kick-ass addition to our game room by Jeev, and we've made some exciting upgrades to the DeepSource terrace; experience all of this yourself at the next .meetup!

What's next →

Introducing .meetup/kubernetes, where industry experts will discuss how they use containers to manage and deploy applications seamlessly. Join the community to stay in the loop!

If you'd like to host your next event on our terrace, fill out this form, and we'll get in touch with you.

Until next time, Sayōnara!