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Ablorde Ashigbi (4Degrees, port co), Brittany Chavez (SLX Marketplace), Derek ‘MixedByAli’ Ali (EngineEars, port co), Elise Smith (Praxis Labs)

About a week and a half ago a VC said to me, “It's cool you're moving to Mexico City. Do you know anyone there?” I said, “My Twitter friends!” She looked at me and said, “But can you really make friends on social media?”

Uhmmm. Yes. Online REAL friend-making has been a thing for some time. In 2015, the Pew Research Center found that 57% of teens had made at least one friend online. And in today's world, yes, people are using social media and other apps to make real friends.

Personally, I believe Twitter is one of the best places to make friends because we get to know each other (through the content we consistently post), there's no pressure, and it's easy to reach out. For example, last Saturday, I invited the Twitter fam to a happy hour two days later in Mexico City, and this gathering of incredible Mexican founders, funders, and friends happened:

So, if you want to make friends or you’re feeling lonely (45% of us do) consider using Twitter. There’s 206M of us on there! If you're new to Twitter, here’s how to sign-up and below are my tips on how to start making friends:

  1. Be you, authentically. “Don’t really care what the stereotypical way of being you is,” Zaya Wade.

  2. Base your follows and unfollows, on whether tweets from accounts spark joy (a la Marie Kondo).

  3. Retweet, reply to, tag people, and eventually reach out with whom you want to build a relationship.

Alright, I’m signing off for now. It’s our first week in Mexico City and Josh and I are going out for some yummy tacos al pastor — with friends we met online.

✨ Lolita Taub
twitter | lu.ma | PS Our survey winner is Alesha Adamson and I was recently made the Forbes Culture 50 List and was featured in Business Insider Mexico.


Elise Smith and Heather Shen raised $15.5M for Praxis Lab. Abdul Hassan raised $15M for Mono. Wilfrid Obeng and Christian Facey raised $14M for AudioMob. Gerome Sapp raised $4M for Rares. Nyakio Grieco raised $3M for Thirteen Lune. Brittany Chavez raised $1M for SLX Marketplace. Oscar Pedroso of Thimble (port co) raised $104k towards their $1M goal on Republic. Ablorde Ashigbi of 4Degrees (port co) joined Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures’ accelerator. Derek Ali of Engine Ears (port co) signed a partnership with Dolby.

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