Socialization? Say no more!

โ€‹Hey homie,

โ€‹It's been a while, that I know. School and work has kept us on our toes. You could very well say...we're over-socialized ๐Ÿ˜‚

โ€‹In all seriousness, socialization, as we all know, is a big topic of concern amongst homeschoolers (and non-homeschoolers as well). This is the look we all get when we say we're homeschooled...

โ€‹It's also the reason some family members will resist your decision to homeschool your kids.

โ€‹We can't tell them enough how socialized our kids are because they get to talk to

  • โ€‹the grocery store cashier

  • โ€‹the elderly neighbor

  • โ€‹the mail deliverer

  • โ€‹the zoo keeper

  • โ€‹and more...

โ€‹...all in a single day.

โ€‹Our children are getting well-rounded socialization. That's a given.

โ€‹But for those times when mama needs to socialize as well, or children are bored out of their minds and would rather do their work with other homeschooled kids, or you just simply need a break from it all and want to drop them off at the home of another "Homie", we've built just the place for that.

โ€‹We run a 79K (and growing) Facebook group for Homeschooling Parents. You would think it'll be easy to find and connect with others near you in such a large group. And you would be wrong - because that's not the case.

โ€‹So we're making it easy for you to now freely connect with other homeschool parents local to your area - for field trips, sharing resources, play dates and even care exchange.

โ€‹Would you like to become the MAYOR or MAYORETTE of your local homeschool group? Hop on and become one of the first.

โ€‹Join your state group or create a smaller group even more local to where you live.