🙏🏼 Your generosity in action: Over $3600 raised for Heart on My Sleeve, Sea Shepherd, and WIRES Wildlife Rescue

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Jan 19, 2023

Hey rare students,

We've been hosting rare socials at Bondi Pavilion for over a month now, and we couldn't be more grateful for the support we've received.

As most of you know, we donate 50% of all profits to charity. And we’re so happy to share that after 12 rare socials, we’ve raised over $3700. 👏🏻 

We're beyond grateful for the support of our students and the community in making these events a success. Your participation and generosity have made a great contribution to the three organisations we’re supporting:

  1. Heart On My Sleeve - empowers our mental health

  2. Sea Shepherd - protects our oceans

  3. WIRES Wildlife Rescue - rescues our wildlife

Remember: your donation, your impact. Choose what organisation to support using the link in the confirmation email after you've registered for an event.

Be sure to check out our updated schedule here (we’ve added a bunch of classes for the next couple of months). If you have any requests or feedback, e.g. kinds of classes or workshops you’d like to see, please hit the reply button and we’ll make an effort to make it happen.

We’re excited to continue this initiative and hope to see you at our next rare event. 😊


Christian, Noelle and Cathleen.

• • •