Creating a vision for how you want to work


Last week I watched The Farewell which centres around the relationship between Billi and her grandmother Nai Nai. Towards the end of the film, Nai Nai imparts this wisdom on her granddaughter:

Life isn’t just about what you do, it’s more about how you do it.

These words stuck with me, as the relationship between what we do and how we approach it is a common conversation topic in the Pod. Thinking about how we work, and the freedom that freelancing gives us to craft this, feels especially relevant as we reassess and reset our priorities at the start of a new year.

Deciding how we want to be or the way we want to approach things can feel a bit vague or difficult to pin down. It’s about defining a direction of travel rather than a destination. Creating a vision rather than setting a goal.

An activity I like to do to help with this is inspired by Julian Rothman’s annual more/less lists

What would your list look like?

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