🦸‍♀️ Foodie Superpower Cohort

There are many lines to divide us today. I won’t even start to name them—you know them well. But do you know what’s shattered dividing lines for millennia? Food. At the table. I absolutely love that. Food has the power to bring us together.

Okay, I’ll admit I’m biased. My mom’s a fantastic cook (quite rare I hear!). I grew up on a hobby farm in the Midwest. I graduated from a phenomenal culinary school. Food comes naturally to me. But can I tell you a secret?

Great food isn’t fussy.

Sure… some fancy people make fussy food. But great food isn’t fussy. When you learn some key cooking principles, you gain a superpower. Consider this thought experiment.

What if you couldn’t read? You are in an elevator but you don’t know which button to press because you don’t understand the shapes. You can’t drive, because driving down the highway those green signs contain meaningless symbols. Someone writes a note but it may as well be an alien language because it looks like abstract art (and the bad kind).

Now what if I told you most of North America is food illiterate? To find out if you’re food literate answer these questions. If you don’t answer with an emphatic, “Yes, I can!” I have what you need.

Complete this quick survey and then you get my 7 Day Flavour Course for free! This will jumpstart your ability to make delicious food daily.

In addition to my 7 Day Flavour Course I’m pleased to announce that I have a Foodie Superpowers Cohort launching later this year. Dare I say, your life will be changed. By completing these first 8 questions your journey to confidence has begun. You may have just been bitten by a radioactive spider, Spider-Man.

When my foodie program launches YOU will get the opportunity to be apart of the beta group before anyone else. Not only will you know delicious food, but you’ll be equipped to make it yourself. Participating in the program gets you…

  • 6 weeks of video lessons

  • 6 live hands-on Q&A sessions

  • 6 weeks of chat support

  • 4 vetted recipes

  • 1 new superpower

You will be able to make delicious food no matter where you are. There is no commitment now, just my 7 Day Flavour Course as a gift. Plus, you will get a steep discount with the early bird beta pricing upon launch.

See you in the kitchen,