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​If you haven’t taken a vacation, consider it for mental health benefits. According to Gallup, people who "make time for regular vacations" scored a 68.4 Well-Being Index score (17 points more than non-frequent travelers). The Framingham Heart Study showed that if you go 5 years without taking a vacation, you're 30% more likely to have a heart attack. 

​Josh and I went on a holiday to Namibia, the land of the most magical sand dunes and the kind of starry nights you’d only expect to see through a telescope. What a beautiful country. The best part, I wasn’t stressed because Josh gave me LaaS (for my bday!), my new assistant that also supports my portfolio founders and provides resources for early-stage underestimated founders, funders, and friends. On that note, I’m excited about Cabal (new portfolio co & YC-S21) because it’s a community-driven platform where founders can send out asks / company updates and reward individual community member contributions with vesting shares.

​Speaking of individuals within community, in the 1830s, Adolphe Quetelet convinced the world that the ideal human was the “average man” (based on social and physical characteristic population data averages) and that individuals’ deviations were synonymous with error. Ewww. In the 1860s, Francis Galton redefined Quetelet’s definition of error by saying that individuals’ deviations from the average made them “imbeciles,” “mediocre,” or “eminent.” It’s not surprising that he classified himself as eminent. *eye roll* In the 1890s, Frederick Winslow Taylor kicked off factory standardization and said the system took priority over individuals (think Walmart). Yuck. Thank goodness our communities are rejecting all this backward thinking and embracing the value that each of us brings. 

​No matter what the world tells us, every individual, each of us, is meant to walk a unique path at our own pace and in our own way. 

​Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! 

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​Alexa von Tobel and Penny Pritzker (cover) raised $281M for Inspired Capital's Fund II. Anthony Kelani (cover) and Luc Schurgers raised $1.2M for DNA Block. Andres Cohen(cover), founder of Famosos (portfolio company), made the Forbes Next 1000 2021 list. Oliver Kent-Braham and Alexander Kent-Braham reached unicorn status with Marshmallow.

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