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Maxeme Tuchman (Caribu), Deborah Gladney & Angela Muhwezi-Hall (WorkTorch), Vedika Jain (Weekend Fund)

Happy Sunday! Have you heard about lab-grown blood being a real thing, Tropicana's “perfect” mimosa maker, and the $2B Powerball winner?! Josh and I bought a few tickets and won $8. lol. And, if you’re wondering “what’s happening at Twitter and what needs to get done by Thanksgiving?” you’re not alone. Let’s address both things head-on.

Explore Twitter alternatives. If you know me, you know Twitter is my second home. With Elon Musk being who he is and doing what he is doing at Twitter, there is a concern about who will stay or leave the platform. Based on my poll, 90% of you will stick around, and yet, I think it’s a good idea to think about other platforms. Most of us have heard of Mastodon but considering the largest percentage of you said you also like LinkedIn, I’m thinking: let's be more active there.

Get as much done before Thanksgiving. The holiday is around the corner, and as with every year, we should expect a slowdown in business activities. Most people are burnt out, totally over the economy, etc., and want to take a breather from net new tasks. Expect that post the holiday, most will be wrapping up outstanding items (e.g., tasks, deals) and starting to plan for 2023. That’s the word on the street.

Consider practicing self-gratitude. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, definitely take a moment to inhale-exhale and know many people are grateful for your existence (including me)! Maybe even try this self-gratitude meditation. BTW, if you’re feeling a little (or a lot) off, the moon may have something to do with it.

Sending you much gratitude and positive vibes!

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