Filecoin Foundation, Recovery Kit, and Tools for Thought Rocks

Hi everyone!

A little last minute for the event tomorrow (today!), Thursday, Aug 25th, at 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 1800 CEST. We're joined by Danny O'Brien from the Filecoin Foundation. Danny was previously at the EFF, and recently joined the Foundation full time.

The Filecoin Foundation's goal is stewarding the governance of the Filecoin ecosystem, funding critical projects around it and advocating for the future of Filecoin and its stack of decentralizing tools: IPFS, libp2p, etc.

​The foundation team will also be building out the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW), the charitable wing, whose activities include preserving and distributing the world’s knowledge, supporting the dweb community, funding related R&D, and educating the public about the benefits of a redecentralized net.

Get Your Recovery Kit!

We've now got a recovery kit option in the Fission dashboard. Since we don't have the keys to your private content, we didn't previously have a way to help you get it back if you lost access. Now, based on related R&D we did for Protocol Labs and Filecoin, we can give you a recovery kit that you can store, which when combined with the other half of the kit on our servers, can unlock your encrypted content and link it back to your account.

This is a pretty big technical milestone, we still have lots of work to do on usability. For now — please do go and checkout the recovery kit flow and store it somewhere safe.

IPFS Operators Group

JeffG on our team is organizing the IPFS Operators Group. We're connecting the people who are operating IPFS at scale and as services to other users to share best practices, give feedback on code, config, and more. This is an invite only group, message us at [email protected] if you're interested in getting involved, or drop by the Discord and ping jeffg.

Tools For Thought ROCKS!!!

We just wrapped the August community event for ToolsForThought Rocks!. This is a "spin out" of the two part TFT talks that Fission hosted, with volunteer organizers finding speakers, and anyone welcome to run and promote events of their own to the TFT community. It's being mostly run on Luma (the same software we use for these emails and our events), but in "community" mode. Check the YouTube channel for past recordings, and visit and sign up for the community at