Weekly Update — 2020-03-28

Victor Pontis
Mar 29, 2021

Hi again! My last update was actually this Wednesday. So here I am again in your inbox…wow, it looks like you have a lot of unread messages here 👆👇.

What’s new…

Luma — Newsletter Improvements

I made a bunch more improvements to newsletters in Luma (which was used to compose this email). There are a bunch more improvements coming this week that will make Luma a viable Substack replacement for a large group of people.

Reading — Origin of Wealth

I started this book a couple months ago and then basically stopped reading any books. So I’m getting back on the train.

The book argues that Traditional Economics (what they teach in textbooks) has made ridiculous assumptions in order to simplify the math. These assumptions — perfectly rational actors, perfect information, etc — lead to incorrect predictions.

The author is beginning to explain how a group of economists and physicists came together at the Santa Fe Institute to try to come up with a more sophisticated theory of analytics.

I liked learning about how some early Economists admired the works of Poincare and Newton and pulled in concepts from physics and mechanics to create the first formulations of supply and demand.

A Year of Luma

We started Luma a year ago. I missed the exact year mark from the first commit. So I’ll have to write a recap on April 3rd when we’ll be a year from this article.