Event (Tue Aug 24, 5 pm PT): Becoming a Business Savvy Designer (with General Assembly, Design Buddies, Adobe XD)

Hey Buddies! 👋 You're all invited to Becoming a Business Savvy Designer (Tue 8/24, 5 pm UTC-7 (PST)) with Kavita Appachu hosted by General Assembly, Design Buddies, and Adobe XD!

Many experienced designers have recently started advocating for designers to learn business. Equipped with business knowledge, designers can make better decisions that benefit users and businesses. Whether you are a freelancer, employee or starting a design company, this webinar is for you!

During this webinar, we will guide you through business basics for designers. Understanding the business essentials will make you feel more confident in having business-focused conversations in your company or when presenting to clients. You will be able to support design ideas with business metrics.

Content covered:

  • How to speak the language of business

  • How to support decisions with data

  • Define the business value of design and metrics

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