Participation Agreement

Aquarius Academy
Apr 18, 2023

Here's V1 of the Aquadac Participation Agreement agreement which we can discuss and change if needed and then must all agree to to continue.


Agreement Key Features:

Weekly virtual meetings for collaboration and discussion

Personal development and self-growth focus

Open-source technology for accessibility and adaptability

English language requirement for clear communication

Respectful and professional online meeting conduct

Participation in a social experiment, not a financial venture

No investment of money or expectation of profits

Inclusion of functional on-chain assets for motivation

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Dispute resolution governed by the laws of Maryland, USA

Open to feedback, specifically looking for anything we’re missing. Our goals for the agreement is to set a rough expectation for behavior and an articulated protection from legal misinterpretation.

🌊 See you today at 8pm UTC for Aquadac!!

Helping you reach self-realization at a competitive pace.

Big Hugs,
- 🜛