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Jobs at Luma
May 20, 2021

We are building the best place for people to come together and achieve their goals.

We started Luma 1 year ago to help a friend of ours host her yoga classes online. Since then over 2 million people have practiced yoga, learned data science, deepened their spirituality, and found professional mentors in events hosted on Luma.

Across all of these events, people are coming together with a goal in mind and working with others to achieve that goal.

The best community leaders spend a lot of time planning events, reviewing applications, introducing new members, orchestrating different software tools, and endless other tasks. With Luma, these community leaders can focus on sharing their knowledge and connecting with members.

Our Values

Delight — We are obsessed with creating a great experience
Compound — We make small investments every day
Explore — Continuously learning and growing

Founding Team

Danqing (Dan) Liu
🛫 Founded TinyMind, Society, Biwen
💼 Engineer at YouTube, Uber, PlanGrid
🎓 Yale CS '13

Victor Pontis
🛫 Founded Scooter Map, Spring, CoBattery
💼 Engineer at Benchling, Picnic Health
🎓 MIT CS & Physics '15


More than anything else, you will get an opportunity to work closely with a world-class team on an important mission.

You will get exposure in every aspect of the business, product, consumer technology and startup life. You will have thought-provoking conversations with the team, our investors, advisors and users. And you will work with us together to make the world a better, more connected place.

But of course, you will also get:

  • Competitive, 90+ percentile salary

  • Paid medical, dental and vision insurance

  • Equity

  • Unlimited PTO and sick days

  • Top of the line workstation