Old things must become new... 🏁

Sep 12, 2022

​All I ever ask is that you keep it 100 with yourself. We all have more choices than we know what to do with UNLESS we keep the right perspective. Good morning! Stay locked in... We got one more quarter to make this year great.

​Website Update

​I finished the site update I was working on. If you're interested, you can check out the new digital home for ECN here ~> https://www.elitecoalition.com/about

​If you're into the Monday Motivation vibe, here's something for your mental. A quick read about focusing on what's important during times of change. Another throwback from 2016 to checkout at your leisure πŸ™‚ |

​Walking The Tight Rope (4 min.) ~> https://www.elitecoalition.com/articles/tight-rope

​Get to it family. This week is yours 🏁

​- Mikh