Build & Design

Read about customer discovery, branding, UX/UI, service, product management on-demand, and more... Come and see step by step the whole design structure process!

Customer discovery

The first pillar for success is knowing your customer. Like psychology, what is at the surface may hide mysterious causes. Understanding customers’’ beliefs and purchase processes require adequate survey/observation and interpretation methods.


The branding crafts how people perceive your product. It can be so important externally and internally that you can start by designing the brand prior to building the product. Creating a strong brand is perceived as a point of arrival and departure. A brand is an expression of a story giving meaning to the origin and future of the product.


User experience and user interface design are about making the actual product usable, useful, and desirable. Do not let a good product concept be spoiled by a bad user experience.

Service design

Consider possible the steps made by the customer in the whole system of possible interactions. Find where it breaks for each use case. Design a system that properly addresses all relevant use cases at a minimal cost and maximum satisfaction for the user and the providers.

Product management on-demand

When your organization is developing a web or mobile product or service and it doesn’t have the specialized talent for managing the complex interactions between all the stakeholders, gathering and defining the specifications, run user behavior and UX tests, create the product vision, roadmap, write the user stories and prepare the PRD (Product Requirements Document) to align the development team with the stakeholders and clearly define the delivery dates per agile sprint. Otherwise, you’re likely on the road to something more costly, at lower quality, and way over the deadline, you expected to deliver the product. That’s why you need a product manager to set the pace and guarantee a proper alignment between everyone.