Win ₹1L bounty by fixing Stoa's admission process

Stoa 🦁
Mar 28, 2022

This is Raj here, co-founder of Stoa School and I have an interesting challenge for you :)

We’ve been scratching our heads to figure out how to iron out the kinks in our admissions process.

To be honest, it's not really 'broken' (it has brought in $2M+ in the last year alone) but we believe that it can be better in terms of customer experience as well as making life easy for our time.

So we decided to write down our problems and let the broader community take a dig at it.

~₹2L to be won in all. All the info you need is in the document below. Shoot your shot?

If you notice, we’ve also open sourced a lot of our thinking in the document. Hope this helps other teams who are tackling the hard problem of demand generation for education in a non-pushy, ethical way :)

If you have questions, write in to