The future of the Creators (The Indiecast #1)

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Apr 4, 2021

👋 Hey everyone! Arav here! I want to thank you for the love, and help during our launch, and the podcast It honestly means a lot that you love this idea, and helps me keep on making content!

This week's issue is about the creator economy, I wrote a little about it below! If you just wanna check some new episodes, I left a few links below, which you can click to watch new episodes.

I also wrote this Live , and even chatted on my stream. I’m going to streaming almost every day! I’m going to let you read and have fun now!

The Creator Economy talks about a Revolution in how content is made. You see more and more Creators, going indie and making experiences online, compared to the old track of which we saw Creators from Companies.

The Creator Economy itself is working on creators and their passion and love for what they love creating. The best part? There isn’t really any age to the idea.

Anyone can create content online, there’s no problem with age or anything that makes it not possible. That’s what I love about creating content online.

I’ve had the chance to talk to some creators, from Chris, Who I mean you can still say is an Indie business in one way, even though they have funding.

I want to talk about Mr.Beast. Imagine this for a second, You’re a youtube, You create content every day, and You’ve mastered the Creator economy. That’s what Jimmy aka Mr. Beast as done.

He was able to create content, and build on that same concept people love, and he also cares about, and launch a nationwide Restaurant chain. That’s what I love about the Creator Economy.

I think that’s enough on the topic itself on my own side. Here’s the newset or old Featured content of this week. (since I don’t have any new episodes)

This week’s Episodes and Content

  1. What is the Creator economy (clip) with Travis Fischer

    Me and Travis Fischer Talked about Mainly the Creator Economy, and what the future holds for the Idea. You want to watch the entire episode, you can watch it here

  2. Building on themeforest and then Being a Creator

    Hi Arav, Thanks for inviting me for this interview. I’m Surjith, living in a small remote village in Kerala, India. Basically I’m a Web Designer and I started my career in 2009. Me and Surjith Talked about Who he is, the content he’s making, and about Web3forms.

That’s all I have for today’s Content, yet before you leave I want to ask you something.
What is your passion? You can reply or you can keep this to yourself, I just wanted to ask this before we leave. Oh, and one more thing, I’ve gotten to give me 20 one-month codes. and I’ve already given away 3 codes.

If you want to give a demo! I partnered with them to provide some of you, a free 1-month membership of copy,.ai, just let me know by replying to this email, and I might send you one.

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