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This image captures our thinking behind the Pods. We wanted to make clear at the outset that we’re not gurus, teachers or evangelists for any single approach to getting things done. We’re here to encourage and support you as you find what works for you.

What I’ve noticed over the course of the eight months we’ve been running so far is that this relates both to the approaches we take and systems we use as well as how we define and measure things. Our ideas of what it means to be productive are different. Our ideas of what counts as work are different. Our markers of success and what is enough are different.

We need time to find these things out for ourselves. Often it’s about letting go of expectations and pressures of what we should be doing and allowing ourselves to experiment.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this quote from the author of I Didn’t Do the Thing Today...

Remember: it’s okay to flounder and figure it out as you go.
Madeleine Dore

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Join the next Pod

We’ve opened the doors for June’s four-week Pod which starts on Monday 6th June. We meet three times each week to set intentions, co-work, and review our progress. All with the aim of helping you to get stuff done and the added bonus of feeling like you’ve got a team around you.

Visit the Pod event page to find out more about the schedule and what to expect.

Or if you’re ready to commit right away...

Send any questions about Pods to pod@leapers.co and one of the team will get back to you.

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