Afterwork Breakthrough

Afterwork Lab
Jul 31, 2021

⚗️ What's Afterwork Lab?

Afterwork Lab is a community studio and an agency that builds and helps build internet communities for brands, organisations, and early stage startups.

⚜️ What's Afterwork Club?

Afterwork Club is a hybrid community for today's makers, entrepreneurs, founders and community builders. We are conducting a people-centric connections through our activities and focusing on building a place where real collaborations can thrive.

The Club is a community of practice, so you're a leader inside our rooms. Feel free to add value to others.

❄️ Why does it matter?

It's never been easy to build and grow a community on the internet. Today, we see new movements such as brandled communities, trendsetters communities and product first community, and maybe we will see a lot of community studios as it's new concept for leading community-based businesses in the world.

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